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About This Conference

The 3rd Digital Mines Conference: Building Fully Autonomous Mines from Pit to Port, set to take place on 17-19 April 2024 in Perth, Australia, is a revolutionary event bringing together the world's leading experts in mining technology. This three-day conference is a unique opportunity to glimpse into the future of the mining industry. Attendees will discover how digitalization and automation are transforming mining operations, improving efficiency, enhancing safety, and reducing environmental impact.

Through keynote speeches, panel discussions, and case study presentations, participants will explore the latest innovations in AI-driven exploration, collaborative robotics in mineral processing, automated heavy machinery from pit to port, drone for mining surveillance, wearable devices, and more. There will be dedicated tracks covering surface mining, underground mining, mineral processing, tailings management, mine rehabilitation, and the role of renewable energy and battery storage.

Participants will be granted an exclusive chance to listen to pioneering leaders in the field, delve into real-life Australian case studies, and participate in stimulating discussions on the most urgent issues surrounding digital technology in mining. It will showcase examples of leading mining companies harnessing automation and real-time data to gain actionable insights and drive step-change improvements.

This is the premier gathering to engage with those at the cutting edge of mining technology. It is the perfect forum to forge connections, exchange ideas, and walk away inspired to transform mining operations using the power of autonomy and digitalization. Join us as we delve into the future of mining.


Global Thought Leaders & Speakers

Prof. Chris Aldrich

Chair of Process Systems Engineering, WASM, Minerals, Energy and Chemical Engineering

Curtin University

Hon. David Michael MLA

Minister for Mines and Petroleum, Ports, Road Safety, Minister Assisting the Minister for Transport

WA Government

Mark O'Brien

General Manager - Digital Technology & Innovation (CIO)

CITIC Pacific Mining

Sevi Rich

General Manager Business Readiness & Integration

Rio Tinto

Abhinav Sharma

Chief Mining Engineer

First Quantum Minerals

Sameera Bandara

Head of Information Technology

St Barbara Limited

Dr. Ali Soofastaei

Project Manager for Data Analytics

Newmont Corporation

Greg Thompson

Senior Drone Pilot


Brad Stein

Projects and Engineering Director

Zenith Energy

Aaron Nash

Operations Manager


Prof. Melinda Hodkiewicz

Professor of Engineering

University of Western Australia

Dr. Marcin Ziemski

Program Leader - Mine Energy Transformation and Integration

Sustainable Minerals Institute

Tony Tang

Vice Chair - AusIMM

AusIMM Perth

Simon Anderson

Principal Advisor - Visualisation

Rio Tinto

Don Smith

Managing Director

Tempest Minerals Ltd

Oliver Chikumbo

AI Solution Specialist

Roy Hill

Francisco Albor Consuegra

Mine Manager

Rio Tinto

Damith Fernando

Engineering Manager APAC West

Rio Tinto

Thomas Albrecht

Research Lead for Digital Integrated Mine

Rio Tinto

Tamryn Barker


CORE Innovation Hub

Brenda van Rensburg

Data Protection and Artificial Intelligence Governance

Terrene Global

Kevin West

Innovation Facilitation Lead


Daniel Sargent

Principal Strategic Planning – Rail


Daniel Goldstein

Principal Geotechnical Engineer

Rio Tinto

Tomasz Ambrozkiewicz

Operations Interface Manager


6 Powerful Reasons To Join Us This April

  • Discover the latest innovations in mining technology and automation - hear exclusive insights from leading experts on how digitalization is revolutionizing mining.
  • Gain strategic insights on deploying autonomous solutions - learn how to improve safety, productivity and efficiency through panels and case studies.
  • Engage with prominent figures, key innovators, and transformative individuals within the industry, creating a network that can change the trajectory of your career and organization.
  • Explore the mine of the future - get a glimpse into fully-automated, zero-carbon emission mines and advanced visualization.
  • Tour cutting-edge mine sites - witness automation and remote operation centers firsthand through technical tours and mine visits.
  • Unlock operational improvements - find solutions to increase yield, reduce costs and develop sustainable practices.

Major Conference Themes

How Advanced Simulations And Digital Twins Can Optimize Mine Operations, Increase Efficiency And Reduce Costs

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence To Predict And Locate Mineral Deposits, Significantly Cutting Down The Time And Resources Spent On Exploration

The Rise Of Unmanned Vehicles And Machinery In Mining Operations To Improve Safety And Productivity

Implementing Robots To Handle Complex Tasks, Such As Ore Sorting And Mineral Extraction

Utilizing AI To Predict When Machinery Will Fail Or Require Maintenance, Reducing Downtime

How To Incorporate Wearables To Monitor Health, Safety, And Improve Worker Productivity

Harnessing AI To Optimize Energy Consumption, Leading To More Sustainable And Cost-Effective Operations

Deploying Drones For Land Surveying, Site Inspections, And Monitoring, Providing Real-Time Data While Ensuring Safety

How Blockchain Technology Ensures Transparency And Traceability From The Mine To The End Consumer

Utilizing 3D Printing For Rapid Prototyping, Equipment Parts Production, And Innovative Solutions To Common Mining Challenges

Employing Robots For Mineral Exploration Tasks, Increasing Precision And Reducing Human Exposure To Hazards

The Integration Of Self-Driving Trucks To Enhance Material Transport Within Mines, Reducing Labor Costs And Increasing Efficiency

Utilizing AR To Guide Mine Workers During Equipment Maintenance And Troubleshooting, Ensuring Effective And Timely Resolutions

Leveraging Big Data And Analytics For Instant Decision-Making And Improved Operational Efficiency

Using Internet Of Things (IoT) Devices To Collect Data From Various Sources For Comprehensive Mine Monitoring

Integrating Human-Robot Collaboration In Mining Processes To Increase Efficiency While Ensuring Worker Safety

Conference At A Glance

  • How Fortescue Metals Group Is Using Digital Twins To Enhance Mine Planning And Operations.
  • How BHP is Revolutionizing Exploration With Machine Learning Algorithms.
  • Rio Tinto’s Fully Autonomous Rail Network.
  • Evolution Mining’s Approach To Predicting Equipment Failures.
  • Alcoa’s Blockchain Solution For Tracking Bauxite.
  • How Adani Mining's Carmichael Coal Project Benefits From AMT.
  • Sandfire Resources' Integration Of IoT For Real-Time Data Collection.
  • How IGO Is Pioneering The Use Of Cobots In Mining Operations.
DAY 3: FRIDAY, 19 APRIL 2024
  • Site Tour 1: Australian Automation and Robotics Precinct (AARP)
  • Site Tour 2: Intertek Minerals Global Centre of Excellence

Download Brochure

You can download our conference brochure below. If you have any inquiries on this conference, please contact our Program Advisor at [email protected] or call us at:

Singapore and Asia Pacific: +65 6716 9980
Australia and New Zealand: +61 3 9909 7310
UK, Europe and Middle East: +44 (020) 335 57898
USA: +1 888 745 8875

17 April 2024: Champagne Networking Session

We would like to invite you to the champagne networking session at the end of the first day of our conference. During this event, you will have the opportunity to network with a wide range of industry leaders and business partners, as well as broaden your business networks.

This powerful networking session will give you access to key influencers and our partners in the industry who have a wealth of experience and knowledge through the sessions they deliver at the main conference.

19 April 2024: Site Tour to Australian Automation and Robotics Precinct (AARP)

The Australian Automation and Robotics Precinct (AARP) is a prominent hub for mining technology, with a strong focus on leveraging digital innovations such as automation, robotics, and other remote operations solutions to reshape the global mining industry. Renowned for its collaborative partnerships with industry leaders and top-tier technological institutions, the facility drives innovative solutions that enhance operational efficiency, increase safety, and drive sustainability. Upon visiting the center, you will become fully immersed in the sphere of state-of-the-art mining technologies, acquiring a thorough understanding of the most recent trends and the revolutionary influence of automation on industry standards. Moreover, you will have the invaluable opportunity to network with esteemed experts, fostering discussions on potential avenues for future synergies and collaborations.

19 April 2024: Site Tour to Intertek Minerals Global Centre of Excellence

The latest Intertek Minerals Global Centre of Excellence in Perth is a pioneering facility, focusing on optimizing mining operations with cutting-edge innovation and sustainability across the minerals supply chain, with advanced technology, automation and robotics. The Intertek Minerals Global Centre of Excellence stands as a testament to Intertek's dedication to integrating innovative application such as artificial intelligence, advanced robotics and mining automation tools that seamlessly weave intelligent decision-making across the complete mining value chain. You will witness firsthand how Intertek's trailblazing application of advanced technologies such as AI and robotics are pushing the boundaries in terms of efficiency, safety, and sustainability within the mining sector. By stepping into the facility, you will gain a deep understanding of the transformative role of advanced mining technologies in modern mining, while also having the chance to engage with leading experts in the industry and discover opportunities for future partnerships.