Fully Accredited Program Certified Agile Project Leader (CAPL™)

Did you know that adopting Agile project management methodologies can significantly improve project delivery and results? Agile teams are able to deliver projects up to 3 times faster than traditional teams and experience 50% fewer project failures. These teams also experience a 30% improvement in quality and have a 48% higher chance of meeting project goals and objectives. This is why global tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have all embraced Agile methodologies to better respond to changing customer needs and stay ahead in their industries.

This certified program will help you to manage projects more efficiently by mastering the principles, values, and frameworks of Agile software development. You will learn about the most popular frameworks such as Scrum and Kanban, which will enable you to have greater control over your projects and make your jobs easier to manage. By understanding how to implement Scrum framework, you will be able to segment your large projects into easily manageable sprints. This program will help you to gain further understanding on implementing lean workflow management with Kanban—which translates to eliminating waste and focusing on continuous improvement. Lastly, you will also learn how to adopt a pull-based system with Scrumban framework that can identify and reduce bottlenecks since documentation is kept to a minimum and transparency is enforced within an organization.

Upon completing this program and passing the Chartered exam, you will earn the Certified Agile Project Leader (CAPL™) designation. This professional credential demonstrates your expertise in effectively managing projects using agile principles and practices, including how to effectively lead and manage agile teams. The CAPL™ designation is recognized as a prestigious and highly sought-after credential in the project management field. Earning this certification can open doors to new job opportunities and higher salaries. 

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This program will entitle you:

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  • Attain your prestigious and highly sought-after Certified Agile Project Leader (CAPL™) designation that you can use across your professional credentials and open new doors to job opportunities and higher salaries
  • Experience 3 days of instructor-led live program and in-depth learning on agile methodologies and project management
  • 5 powerful global case studies and best practices on adopting agile, Scrum and Kanban implementation and lean workflow management
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The Chartered Agile Project Leader (CAPL™) is a mark of excellence and distinction that signifies a fully qualified Agile Project professional with continuous improvement and flexibility expertise and skill sets. It is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Professional Certifications, which maintains the governing standards for all members. The CAPL™ charter is a trademarked charter available only professionals who have completed and passed this program. The certification is governed and maintained by Chartered Institute of Professional Certifications with over 90,000 members around the world. It is also endorsed by prominent associations and organizations worldwide.

The content of this program has been fully certified and accredited by CPD as conforming to Continuing Professional Principles.

What Can You Expect From This Certified Program

Agile project management has become one of the most popular approaches in recent years due to its ability to deliver higher quality products, reduce the risk of building the wrong product, and increase visibility into project progress. This iterative and incremental approach is particularly valuable in today's fast-paced business environment, where organizations are facing rapid-to-market deadlines, shifting priorities, and a need for flexibility. As a result, more and more organizations are adopting Agile methodologies to meet these challenges and improve project delivery.

This Certified Agile Project Leader (CAPL™) program is designed to equip you with the key foundation of integrating Agile approach to your project management cycle to improve service delivery, improve employee and customer satisfaction. You will learn the different types of Agile frameworks such as Scrum and Kanban while determine which Agile method will work best for each project and be able to assess and monitor improvement in overall service delivery. By understanding the key principles of Agile framework, you will able to learn how to adopt an Agile mindset while create a high-performing Agile team to unlock your employees’ intrinsic motivation. Besides that, you will gain the ability to split large work items into smaller deliverables and using Agile methods for work estimation and forecasting. Lastly, this program will help you to leverage innovation strategically to maximize value and limit cost through Agile implementation.

By the end of the program and upon passing the Chartered exam, you will have earned the Certified Agile Project Leader (CAPL™) designation which you can use to demonstrate your professional credentials and track record in effectively managing projects with agile methodologies.

Globally demanded and recognized, this designation is an industry-recognized trademarked charter developed by the Chartered Institute of Professional Certifications and has lifelong validity. It’s also fully accredited by CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development), with 160,000 membership organizations worldwide.

Key Skills You Will Gain

  • Agile Project Management
  • Scrum Project Management
  • Lean Project Management
  • Agile Implementation
  • Sprint Planning
  • Project Lifecycle Management
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)
  • Scrumban Principles
  • Kanban Principles
  • Building Agile Teams
  • Lean Software Development
  • Flow Management
  • Agile Testing
  • Product Planning
  • Managing User Stories
  • Innovation Adoption

Your Faculty Director

Jill Stott
Jill Stott
Highly Experienced Certified Agile Trainer, Coach and Senior Consultant

Jill Stott is a one of the most sought-after Agile coaches and trainers with extensive real-world experience working with global teams in providing Agile consultation and delivering Agile training & coaching. With over 25 years of experience in IT and a solid background as an Agile Coach and Trainer, Jill has helped clients streamline their processes to improve productivity and adapt to changing business goals. Jill holds several accreditations including:

  • - Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT)
  • - ICAgile Certified Trainer for Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC)
  • - Certified SAFe Program Consultant (SPC5)
  •  - ICAgile Authorized Trainer for Agile Testing and Agile Test Automation (ICP-TST, ICP-ATA)
  • - Certified Scrum Professional (CSP-PO)
  • - Certified Kanban Management Professional (KMP)
  • - Certified Classroom Trainer (CTT+)

Prior to her transition as an Agile coach, she has worked as a Technical Writer, Business Analyst, Manager, QA Engineer and ScrumMaster where she has built her strong passion in analyzing information from diverse perspectives and finding ways to apply Agile to each organization she works with to ensure their greater success.

Certified Agile Project Leader (CAPL™) Program Agenda

Module 1: Agile Fundamentals
Module 2: Building Agile Teams
Module 3: Agile Frameworks
Module 4: Scrum
Module 5: Kanban
Module 6: Product Planning
Module 7: Managing User Stories
Module 8: Planning Projects
Module 9: Implementing Agile
Module 10: Innovation

Chartered Exam

At the end of the program, there will be a Chartered exam comprised of 50 multiple choice questions. Upon passing the exam, you will be accredited with your Certified Agile Project Leader (CAPL™) designation.

  • 98% of students who have taken this exam have passed the exam successfully. Almost all professionals who have taken our courses have passed this exam and attained their Certified Agile Project Leader (CAPL™) designation
  • The exam has 50 multiple choice questions and you need to answer 25 out of 50 questions correctly to pass the exam
  • You can re-take the exam online as many times as you want, with no additional charges for retaking of exams
  • The program cost already includes the exam fees, so there are no additional charges for taking the exam

If you have challenges passing the exam, you can secure assistance from our team and faculty leader to help you pass the exam.

Certified Agile Project Leader (CAPL™) Designation

After completing the program and passing the Chartered exam, you will be awarded the Certified Agile Project Leader (CAPL™) designation that can be used in your resume, CV and other professional credentials. This designation is a global trademark and industry-recognized with lifelong validity. The CAPL™ certification demonstrates to your employer, clients, and peers that you have the skills and knowledge needed to successfully lead agile projects.

Globally demanded and recognized, this designation will help you distinguish your project management skillsets and demonstrate that you have attained expertise in effectively managing projects with agile methodologies.

Pricing & Registration

Please select one of the locations:

Australia & New Zealand

Dates: 11 - 13 Sep 2023

Venue: Online Executive Program (via Zoom)

Time: 9:30am - 4:30pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)
11:00am - 6:30pm New Zealand Standard Time (NZST)

Early Bird Packages Regular Pricing
By 07 Jul 2023 By 18 Aug 2023 After 18 Aug 2023
Australia Delegates AUD 2,595 AUD 2,795 AUD 2,895
New Zealand Delegates NZD 2,595 NZD 2,795 NZD 2,895

Group Discount: 2nd participant get 10%, or register 3 participants and 4th participant get a complimentary seat (1 discount scheme applies)

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  • Singapore and Asia Pacific: +65 6716 9980
  • Australia and New Zealand: +61 3 9909 7310
  • UK, Europe and Middle East: +44 (020) 335 57898
  • USA: +1 888 745 8875

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On Demand Learning

If you are unable to make it to this program due to the dates, you can also enroll in our program through our on-demand learning. Click on the link below to go to our on-demand learning to discover how you can enroll in the program and earn your Charter or certificate through our on-demand learning platform

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Certified Agile Project Leader (CAPL™) Reviews and Testimonials

The class that I have taken from of Agile is a very interesting class. I learned a lot of information that I didn't know before and it definitely helped me to understand how to be more efficient in my job. The best part about this class is that it was online which was very convenient for me.
The Certified Agile Project Leader certification provides a thorough understanding of the agile process and is one of the best programs for gaining knowledge as a Project Manager.
The program covers all the key areas that are important to become Certified Agile Project Leader. The hands-on experience gained during the training is very useful in implementing it in the workplace.
I found this program to be extremely insightful. The course material is well organized and it does a good job in explaining the Agile methodology. The Certified Agile Project Leader program has given me a good overview of the industry and will be of great value in my career path.
It was a very informative course and lots of insight into the Agile project life cycle. The course offered a lot of useful resources that I can use throughout the course of my project. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for information about Agile Project Life Cycle.
This program is a great overview of Agile project management for those that are just getting started. It provides overview of the principles and practices of agile, as well as space for you to learn in a hands on way. I would recommend this program to anyone who is interested in a career as Agile Project Leader.

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Certified Agile Project Leader (CAPL™)

4.8 (758 ratings)