Since 1993, Business News has been a trusted, independent source for quality news and information about commerce and industry in WA, empowering business owners, directors and leaders with critical data, timely information and ability to connect, enabling well informed commercial decisions. Last year Business News achieved a record-breaking year based on subscription growth, event guest numbers and advertising revenue, setting a new benchmark with more than 1.2 million readers for the year. Our flagship fortnightly print edition can be found on the desks of WA’s key decision makers, while our Daily Business Emails form part of a daily routine for WA’s most successful and business elite. Our account managers develop customised, influential and targeted campaigns to give our clients longevity in the market and showcase their business and brand to senior executives in WA’s business community. Our events offer opportunity to network with WA’s top businesses and business leaders, support industry in WA and encourages the creation of new relationships.

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