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Chartered Institute of Professional Certification's programs are unique as they provide you with professional charter designation and mark that can be used across your lifetime once your have completed our programs.

For example, after you have completed our Certified International Procurement Professional Program, you will be awarded with the CIPP charter mark that can be used to distinguish your professional credentials.

Use of our Charter Marks signifies that you have earned the prestigious charter. It is important to use these marks professionally that does not violate our professional conduct. For more details, please refer to the professional usage guide here

Globally demanded and recognized, these trademarked credentials can be added to your professional credentials across your CV, LinkedIn profile and other professional standings to demonstrate your expertise in the area

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All of Chartered Institute of Professional Certifications program are fully accredited programs. It is also fully accredited by CPD (Continuing Professional Development) with 160,000 membership organizations around the world as well as global associations and organizations.

Partnerships and Associations

Chartered Institute of Professional Certifications programs are supported and recognized by the following global associations and organizations including:   


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