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Carbon management is crucial to combat climate change. According to the IPCC, carbon dioxide emissions reached a record high of 40 billion metric tons in 2020, driving global temperatures to dangerous levels. Without immediate action, we face dire consequences: a study found that for every 1°C increase in temperature, there could be a 7% reduction in global GDP. Implementing effective carbon management measures is thus imperative to curbing climate change, safeguarding economies, and ensuring a sustainable future.

This Certified Carbon Management Leader (CCML™) program aims to empower you in the rapidly evolving field of carbon management. By blending theoretical knowledge with real-world case studies, this comprehensive course will equip you with the advanced skills and knowledge required to effectively manage and reduce carbon emissions. You will delve into a broad range of crucial topics, including carbon accounting, policy frameworks, carbon reduction strategies, and reporting standards, thus providing an in-depth understanding of carbon management complexities.

Throughout the program, you will learn to identify and assess an organization's carbon footprint, devise and implement robust carbon management plans, and track and report progress against set objectives. The program will also guide you on how to leverage technology in carbon management, model future carbon emissions, and uncover the best strategies for aligning carbon management with overall business strategy. Additionally, you will gain insights into the significance of effective carbon disclosure and how it can enhance stakeholder trust and compliance with evolving regulations.

Upon completing the program and passing the Chartered exam, you will attain the Certified Carbon Management Leader (CCML™) designation. This credential will demonstrate your expertise in carbon management, including carbon accounting, policy frameworks, and carbon reduction strategies. It will also demonstrate your knowledge about the regulatory landscape and how to ensure compliance with carbon emissions standards, thereby reducing risks of non-compliance penalties. With the CCML™ designation, it will also position you as a distinguished leader who is committed to drive sustainable change within your organization or community, contributing to the global effort against climate change. 

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This program will entitle you:

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  • Over 10 hours of powerful on-demand program content in developing robust carbon markets and management to drive an impactful change
  • Earning the CCML™ designation will demonstrate your expertise in carbon management, including carbon accounting, policy frameworks, and carbon reduction strategies.
  • With the skills and knowledge gained from the CCML™ program, you will be well-positioned to drive sustainable change within your organization, contributing to the global effort against climate change.
  • Full lifetime access
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This Certified Carbon Management Leader (CCML™) program is a mark of distinction that symbolizes a fully qualified sustainability and environmental professional with carbon management expertise and skill set. It is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Professional Certifications, which maintains the governing standards for all members. The CCML™ charter is a trademarked charter available only to professionals who have completed and passed this program. The certification is governed and maintained by Chartered Institute of Professional Certifications with over 90,000 members around the world. It is also endorsed by prominent associations and organizations worldwide.

The content of this program has been fully certified and accredited by CPD as conforming to Continuing Professional Principles.

What Can You Expect

Carbon management is integral to combating climate change and fostering sustainable development. It serves as a vital component of business strategy and decision-making process, particularly as carbon emissions increasingly influence regulatory, financial, and stakeholder pressures. Through detailed analysis of a company's carbon footprint and potential carbon reduction strategies, carbon management provides essential insights, enabling organizations to make informed decisions, mitigate climate-related risks, and capitalize on opportunities.

This Certified Carbon Management Leader (CCML™) program is specifically designed to equip you with a thorough understanding of creating and implementing an effective carbon management plan for your organization. You will be introduced to every key aspect of carbon management, starting from carbon accounting to regulatory landscape, carbon reduction, strategies, and eventually, reporting and disclosure. You will gain a clear grasp of both quantitative methodologies, tools, and techniques required for calculating a carbon footprint and qualitative approaches for managing carbon emissions that are in line with global climate commitments and environmental laws across major jurisdictions.

By integrating carbon management into your organization’s strategic planning and operational processes, you will also be able to design an effective Carbon Management Plan (CMP) that can help to mitigate or offset any adverse environmental impacts of your initiatives. Furthermore, you will be able to complete the carbon management cycle by conducting proper monitoring and verification activities to ensure all carbon aspects have been accounted for before presenting comprehensive and quality carbon reports to your stakeholders.

Upon concluding the program and passing the Chartered exam, you will earn the Certified Carbon Management Leader (CCML™) designation which you can use to showcase your professional credentials and expertise in carbon management. Globally recognized and demanded, the CCML™ designation will demonstrate your expertise in carbon management, including carbon accounting, policy frameworks, and carbon reduction strategies. This designation has lifelong validity and is independently accredited by CPD, adhering to the highest standards for continuing professional development. With the CCML™ designation, you will be at the forefront of driving sustainable change, contributing to global climate goals, and steering your organization towards a low-carbon and sustainable future.

Key Skills You Will Gain

  • Carbon Management Strategies
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Carbon Footprint Calculation
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Greenwashing
  • Carbon Accounting
  • En-Roads
  • Climate Justice
  • Carbon Emissions: Scope 1/2/3
  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol
  • Carbon Reporting
  • Carbon Pathways and Decarbonization
  • Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)
  • Net Zero
  • Carbon Management Plan
  • Science Based Targets (SBTi)
  • Carbon Offset Implementation
  • Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)
  • Carbon Accounting
  • Emission Reduction
  • Sustainability Reporting
  • Climate Change Mitigation
  • Environmental Economics
  • Sustainability Leadership
  • Climate Adaptation Strategies
  • Carbon Credit Understanding
  • Sustainable Development Goals Alignment
  • Carbon Trading

Your Faculty Director

Dr. Petra Molthan-Hill
Dr. Petra Molthan-Hill
Professor of Sustainable Management and Education for Sustainable Development

Dr. Petra Molthan-Hill is a highly respected academic and renowned expert in the fields of Sustainable Management and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). As Co-Chair of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) Working Group on Climate Change and Environment, she plays a pivotal role in driving climate action and environmental stewardship within the business education sector.

Currently holding the position of Professor of Sustainable Management and ESD at Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University, UK, Dr. Molthan-Hill demonstrates unwavering dedication to advancing sustainability knowledge and practices among students, professionals, and organizations. Her expertise lies in Climate Change Mitigation Tools, Greenhouse Gas Management, and ESD, and she has been widely recognized with numerous international awards for her outstanding contributions in these areas. She leads the ground-breaking initiative 'Climate Literacy Training for Educators, Communities, Organizations, and Students' (CLT-ECOS), which has garnered global recognition. As a testament to her thought leadership, Dr. Molthan-Hill is the lead author of the highly acclaimed 'Handbook of Carbon Management: A Step-by-Step Guide to High-Impact Climate Solutions for Every Manager in Every Function.' This comprehensive resource serves as an indispensable guide for managers across various domains, enabling them to navigate the complexities.

Stephen Snider
Stephen Snider
Renowned Sustainability Expert and Sustainable Finance Lead

Stephen Snider is a prominent figure in sustainable finance and a dedicated environmental advocate. With an extensive background in corporate banking and finance, he has garnered invaluable expertise over the course of a decade, working with esteemed global institutions such as State Street, Santander, and Ameriprise. Stephen's proficiency extends across multiple domains, including asset management, corporate treasury, reporting, and analytics. He has proactively engaged in carbon literacy training, equipping himself with an in-depth understanding of carbon management and its practical application within the finance industry.

Currently, Stephen holds the position of Sustainable Finance Lead at oikos International, where he spearheads the development of training programs and workshops aimed at instilling sustainability knowledge among higher education institutions and young professionals. Demonstrating his thought leadership, he has authored and published numerous articles covering a range of topics, including sustainability, impact investing in the Caribbean, and the advancement of small island states.

Certified Carbon Management Leader (CCML™) Program Agenda

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166 Lectures

14 hours 40 minutes

Module 1 - Carbon Literacy
Module 2 - Scopes, Co2e And Other Important Terms
Module 3 - Carbon Management Implementation
Module 4 - Carbon Management - Solutions, Pathways And Processes
Module 5 - Sustainable Finance & Carbon Management
Module 6 - Corporate Carbon Action
Module 7 - Reporting And Disclosure
Module 8 - Climate Communication
Module 9 - Climate Leadership
Module 10 - What Comes Next?

Chartered Exam

At the end of the program, there will be a Chartered exam comprised of 50 multiple choice questions. Upon passing the exam, you will be accredited with Certified Carbon Management Leader (CCML™) designation.

  • 98% of students who have taken this exam have passed the exam successfully. Almost all professionals who have taken our courses have passed this exam and attain their Certified Carbon Management Leader (CCML™) designation
  • The exam has 50 multiple choice questions and you need to answer 25 out of 50 questions correctly to pass the exam
  • You can re-take the exam online as many times as you want, with no additional charges for retaking of exams
  • The program cost already includes the exam fees, so there are no additional charges for taking the exam

If you have challenges passing the exam, you can secure assistance from our team and faculty leader to help you pass the exam.

Certified Carbon Management Leader (CCML™) Designation

Upon completion of the program and successfully passing the Chartered exam, you will be awarded the prestigious Certified Carbon Management Leader (CCML™) designation, which can be showcased in your resume, CV, and other professional credentials. This globally recognized and respected credential serves as a testament to your expertise in the field, granting you lifelong validity.

As a CCML™ certificate holder, you will stand out as an authority in Carbon Management, elevating your credibility and appeal to prospective employers or clients. Developed by the Chartered Institute of Professional Certifications, this industry-recognized and trademarked charter sets you apart in the competitive Carbon Management landscape. Additionally, the program's content has been independently accredited and certified by the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) organization, ensuring that it adheres to the highest standards of continuing professional development.


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  • Attain your Certified Carbon Management Leader (CCML™) designation that you can use across your professional credentials
  • Demonstrate your professional expertise in developing robust carbon markets and management
  • Over 10 hours of professional carbon management learning
  • 5 powerful global case studies and best practices in managing effective carbon data and accounting system to reduce carbon footprint.
  • Full lifetime access
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Certified Carbon Management Leader (CCML™)

4.6 (936 ratings)