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49,525 Professionals Have Attained Their Charter and Certifications
390 Certified and Fully Accredited Programs
87% Certified Professionals Have Reported Career Benefits Including Promotion and New Job

All of Chartered Institute of Professional Certifications program are fully accredited programs. The professional charter and designations are trademarked credentials that can only be used by professionals who have completed and passed our accredited program. It is also fully accredited by CPD (Continuing Professional Development) with 160,000 membership organizations around the world.


All Of Chartered Institute Of Professional Certifications Are Accredited And Independently Validated

We Collaborate With Instructors From Renowned Institutions

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Since 2009, over 15,000 Companies Have Enrolled Into Our Accredited Programs

Fully Accredited Programs

  • Finance
  • Chartered Financial Modeling Professional (CFMP)
  • Chartered Financial Forecasting, Budgeting and Modeling Manager (CFBM)
  • Chartered Financial Risk Manager (CFRM)
  • Chartered Mergers and Acquisitions Specialist (CMAS)
  • Chartered Chief Financial Officer (CCFO)
  • Certified International Financial Reporting Specialist (CIFRS)
  • Certified Financial Modeling and Valuation Professional (CFMV)
  • HR
  • Certified HR Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager
  • Certified HR Analytics Professional (CHRAP)
  • Certified HR Employee Experience and Engagement Manager (CHRXM)
  • Certified HR Manager in Mitigating Sexual Harrassment, Workplace Bullying and Discrimination (CHRMS)
  • Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP)
  • Certified IT Recruitment Manager
  • Technology
  • Certified DevOps Professional (CDevOps)
  • Certified Kubernetes Leader (CKL)Certified Ethical Hacking and Network Penetration Testing Professional (CEHN)
  • Certified Network Security Manager (CNS)
  • Certified Cloud Security Manager (CCS)
  • Certified Threat and Vulnerability Assessment Professional (CTV)
  • Supply Chain
  • Certified Supply Chain Analytics Professional (CSCAP)
  • Certified Supply Chain Blockchain Professional (CSCBP)
  • Certified Supply Chain Process Improvement Professional (CSCPI)
  • Certified Supply Chain Demand Planning & Forecasting Professional (CSCDP)
  • Certified Supply Chain Professional in Inventory Control
  • Certified International Supply Chain Professional (CISCP)
  • Certified Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Certified Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Compliance
  • Certified Compliance Professional in Cryptocurrency and Financial Crimes (CCPC)
  • Certified Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Compliance Professional (CAMLP)
  • Certified Global Sanctions Compliance Professional (CGSCP)
  • Certified Sarbanes Oxley Compliance Professional (CSOX)
  • Marketing
  • Certified Copywriter (CCP)
  • Certified SEO & SEM Marketing Manager (CSEOM)
  • Certified Marketing Analytics Manager
  • (CMAM)Certified Viral Content Marketing Manager (CCMM)
  • Certified Viral YouTube Marketing Manager (CVYMM)
  • Sustainability
  • Certified Sustainable Development and Innovation Leader (CSDIL)


Since 2009, we have established over 390 Accredited Chartered Programs, delivered over 1,000 live training programs around the world and over 300 global conferences.

Our programs and conferences are held in global cities including New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Sydney, Frankfurt, Melbourne, Auckland, Shangi, Hong Kong, Bali and many others

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Michelle Marani Certified International Procurement Professional
Opening my eyes to a whole new world. Great opportunity to listen to real life experience and witness other company practice
Marsya H. Agussalam Certified Financial Modeling
Program was good. Excel functions are explained thoroughly and was very helpful


Over 49,525 professionals have attained their Charter since 2009. 87% of them have reported career benefits including getting a promotion, a raise, or starting a new career.

- Chartered Institute of Professional Certifications Impact Report

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Upcoming Accredited Charter Programs

Post Completion Of The Programs, You Will Earn The Right To Use The Charter Designations Across Your Professional Credentials. Upcoming Programs Include:

Certified Lean Six Sigma - Green Belt Certification Program

41 Modules | Chartered Continuous Improvement Programs

Professional Designation Earned: Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

This Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certified program is designed to show you the knowledge of continuous improvement methodologies of Lean Six Sigma and how to implement it in your workplace. When implemented properly Lean Six Sigma can be a powerful management tool that can greatly improve an organization’s performance, by providing a structured approach to reduce inefficiencies, cut costs and bring about rapid improvements,

Chartered Financial Modeling Professional (CFMP™)

64 Modules | Chartered Financial Programs

Professional Designation Earned: Chartered Financial Modelling Professional (CFMP™)

This comprehensive accredited program Chartered Financial Modelling Professional (CFMP) is designed to equip participants with a strong understanding of how to design and develop sophisticated financial models, develop highly accurate financial forecasts and construct rigorous models that help to evaluate every major financial decisions for their organizations.

Charter Designation


At the end of every accredited program and upon passing the Charter exam you will be awarded the Charter Mark and Charter Designation

Globally demanded and recognized, Chartered Institute of Professional Certification's designation will help you distinguish your skillsets and certify that you have attained expertise in undertaking the full spectrum of work related to the accredited program.

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Chartered Institute of Professional Certifications' programs are supported and endorsed by worldwide professional organizations and associations including:

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