The CRM Academy of Asia (CRMAA) is the only non for profit independent, professional membership body for customer relationship professionals engaged in customer service, care, experience and relationship in India. We are committed to help our members improve their customers’ experience approach and their own business performance. We help our members rapidly improve their customer service, creating memorable best-in-class customer experience and developing a strong relationship with their customers. We accelerate and foster change, by prioritizing investments, redesigning customer strategies, journeys and implementing collaborative customer strategies. The Consulting, Research, Audit, Accreditation, Bench – Marking and Learning services of CRMAA allow us to work seamlessly with members, from strategic vision to commercial effecting. We steer everything with best practice. CRMAA is the India’s largest customer experience and relationship think tank work to ensure towards developing the seamless relationship with their customers through our cutting-edge principles and innovations.

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