Hong Kong Energy, Mining And Commodities Association (HKEMCA) was formally established in 2006 as a non-profit chamber of commerce. We aim to facilitate the development of the energy and minerals industry, to bridge the international sector, to establish a platform in order to enhance the cooperation among fellow participants in the industry, and to promote related project developments. It is our goal to gather the elites and strengthen this industry in order to create a brighter future for all, to better protect the interests of the industry and to further promote and elevate the its status and influences on the international stage.
Over the years, the Association have enthusiastically supported to numerous international conferences, regularly organized domestic and international field trips. Furthermore, the Associations enthusiastically advocate the development of professional scopes such as audit and accountings, legal issues and assessment consultation of energy and minerals sector for giving impetus to the interaction and exploring more business opportunities to the sector.

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