Australasian Power Technologies (APT) Publications Pty Ltd are pleased to present their suite of electrical magazines, each focused to a different sector of the electricity market, and a different reader.
Published since 1996, Transmission & Distribution (T&D) is focused to the Electricity Supply Industry for High to Very High voltage electricity transmitted either overhead or underground from the point of generation across the country at very high voltages. Transmission & Distribution includes Energy Generation, which focuses on all aspects of Electricity Generation to include coal-fired, renewables and nuclear power.
Published since 2008, Industrial Electrix (IE) publishes practical, informative and highly valuable articles based on the actual applications and use of products and services used within the Industrial and Manufacturing sectors of the Electricity Industry. Our articles are written by Engineers, for Engineers based on actual application and use of products and services. Articles are written by qualified professionals whose experience and proven reputation provides readers with reliable solutions to everyday problems.
APT Publications publishes all their magazines in a digital E-Magazine format and provides advertising opportunities to include Electronic Newsletters, Electronic Direct Mail (EDMs), Online Digital Media advertising, Advertising broadcasts and Unique Campaigns.

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