International Women in Mining (IWiM) is a volunteer-led international organisation committed to advancing women in the mining sector.
IWiM is the global voice of women in mining and supports members in advancing gender diversity and inclusion in the mining sector. For over 10 years, IWiM has been influential in progressing a global agenda for women in mining and supporting associations. IWiM is the largest, most representative women in mining organisation in the world. IWiM has individual members i.e. over 10,000 people from over 100 countries and liaises/supports 40+ WIM groups in over 40 countries.
IWiM supports both women in artisanal and large-scale mining and supporting industries (e.g. finance, law, IT) as well as women who work in government, academia and civil society.
Board, team and activities are all global.
Our goals and our role:
1. To change the mining industry for the better for everyone via global initiatives – by enabling greater gender parity, diversity & inclusion.
2. Support and advocate 50+ local WIM chapters in 40+ countries. Be the connecting piece by helping women create WIM chapters, connect WIM chapters to each other, to members & opportunities.
3. Convene and facilitate knowledge sharing & learning on key topics which can contribute to enhancing women’s roles and participation in the sector and its benefits.

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