MEDtube is a video-centric eLearning and social platform for healthcare professionals exclusively. It is free to use by the HCP community worldwide (registration is required to benefit from all the websites reviewed educational content and tools). In mid-2020 MEDtube exceeded 20,000+ medical materials and the community surpassed 210,000+ professionals. The concept of this innovative project came in 2008 when transplantologist Michał Wszoła initiated first works, based on his clinical practice (he left MEDtube in 2018). In 2009 transplantologist Rafał Kieszek joined him and in 2010 the company was formed. was brought online in July 2011. The project is owned by private individuals from Poland. MEDtube is a MedEdTech company (medical education technology). The platform is available in 5 language versions: English (, French (, German (, Spanish ( and Polish (

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