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About This Forum

The AI in Education Forum, scheduled for 25 - 27 November 2024 in Toronto, Canada, is poised to redefine the educational landscape by uniting visionaries, educators, and technologists in Toronto, a city renowned for its commitment to technological advancement and education reform. This three-day forum is a call to action for those who believe in reshaping the educational paradigm through the transformative power of AI, creating an environment that is not only adaptive and responsive but also forward-looking.

Participants will be granted the unparalleled opportunity to gain insights from pioneering figures who are at the forefront of AI-driven educational innovation. Over the course of the forum, attendees will discover how artificial intelligence can enhance instruction, assessment, and administration from early childhood through higher education. Renowned keynote speakers will share their visions for the role of AI in creating more adaptive, equitable, and personalized learning experiences for all students.

This is your golden opportunity to be an integral part of an extraordinary event that is set to shape the course of future education. Join the best minds in AI and education converging in Toronto at the AI in Education Forum 2024, where innovation, collective intelligence, and forward-thinking take centre stage. Brace yourself to be inspired, challenged, and empowered to reinvent education with AI!


Global Thought Leaders & Speakers

Emmanuel Duplàa


University of Ottawa

Michelle Sengara


York University

Sebastian Maurice

Board Member AI Society

McMaster University

Mark Frydenberg

Distinguished Lecturer

Bentley University

Dr. Ozgur Turetken

Associate Dean, Research & Professor

Ted Rogers School of Management

Alyse Jordan

Head of Research, Engagement and Learning

Lamar University

Josephine Naicker

AI & Data Analytics Lecturer

The University of Lethbridge

Faraz Zaidi

Data Scientist, Professor

York University

Roger Vandomme

Data Scientist, Professor

University of Toronto

Glaucia Melo

Faculty Lecturer

University of Waterloo

Paolo Granata

Associate Professor

University of St. Michael's College

Alvaro Joffre Uribe

Associate Professor

Ontario Tech University

Sherif Saad

Associate Professor

University of Windsor

Ayesha Anzer


British Columbia Institute of Technology

Mayy Habayeb

Lead Instructor, Professor

York University

Viji Angamuthu


Seneca College

Navid Nazhand


Seneca College

Akira Tokuhiro


Ontario Tech University

Rehan Sher


Georgian College

Vejey Subash Gandyer


George Brown College

Xavier Fernando


Toronto Metropolitan University

Steve Angels


University of Toronto

Pamela Robinson


Toronto Metropolitan University

Malek EL Kouzi

Professor, Information Technology Specialist

Queen's University

Ben Tee Taylor

Professor, Postdoctoral Fellow

McMaster University

6 Powerful Reasons To Join Us This November

  • Embrace innovative AI advancements that are reshaping the educational horizon and equip your institution with the competitive advantage necessary for not just surviving, but thriving in this rapidly transforming landscape.
  • Unleash the power of revolutionary AI-driven tools like AR/VR, smart content using AI, plagiarism detection, and adaptive learning systems that will revolutionize your teaching methods, captivate your students, and ignite their passion for learning.
  • Experience unparalleled access to a cutting-edge platform that seamlessly connects you with esteemed visionaries and influential pioneers spearheading the transformative AI revolution in education.
  • Uncover the strategies to seamlessly integrate AI into your curriculum, empowering your students to embrace the rapidly expanding field and equipping them with the essential skills and knowledge required for success in the future job market.
  • Acquire invaluable insights from renowned institutions' real-life case studies, empowering you to harness the transformative power of AI, overcome obstacles, and propel your institution to the next level within the education realm with inspiration and unwavering confidence.
  • Engage with a dynamic community of professionals, educators, and innovators who share your passion for AI in education and seize unparalleled opportunity to forge valuable partnerships, fostering exponential growth for your institution.

Major Conference Themes

How Adaptive Learning Systems Can Personalize Learning And Adjust The Pace And Level Of Instruction To Suit Each Student's Abilities And Learning Style

Using AI To Create Intelligent Tutoring Systems And Provide Individualized Feedback And Instruction To Students

How AI Can Be Used To Personalize The Learning Experience For Each Student Based On Their Strengths, Weaknesses, And Preferences

How AI Can Be Used To Grade Assignments And Provide Feedback To Students, Saving Educators Time And Resources

How AI-Driven Chatbots In Answering Students' Queries, Providing Information, And Making The Learning Process Smoother

How AI Can Be Used To Analyze Student Data And Predict Their Performance, Allowing Educators To Intervene And Provide Support When Needed

How Generative AI Enables Quick Generation Of Content Based On A Variety Of Inputs Which Helps To Boost Educators Productivity And Efficiency

How AI Can Be Used To Create And Deliver Dynamic Content That Adapts To Each Student's Learning Level And Style

How AI-Powered Augmented And Virtual Reality Tools Can Create Immersive Learning Experiences And Enhance Student Engagement

How AI-Powered Games And Simulations Can Engage Students And Promote Learning Through Interactive Experiences

The Use Of AI-Driven Digital Assistants In Providing Support And Guidance To Students

How AI Can Be Used To Detect Academic Plagiarism And Maintain The Integrity Of The Learning Process

How AI Can Assist In Providing A Range Of Student Support Services, Including Mental Health Counselling, Financial Aid Advising, And Academic Advising

How Voice-Based AI Technologies Can Provide Students With Hands-Free Access To Educational Resources And Information

The Potential Of AI In Designing Tailored Education Programs For Students With Special Needs, Improving Accessibility And Inclusion

AI-Powered Collaborative Learning Systems Can Facilitate Group Work And Peer-To-Peer Learning, Providing Students With Valuable Social And Cognitive Skills

Conference At A Glance

  • Personalized Learning Using AI: How Simon Fraser University Used AI To Create Personalized Learning Paths For Students In Their Online Courses, Leading To Higher Completion Rates
  • AI-Assisted Grading And Feedback: How The University Of British Columbia Implemented An AI System For Grading Assignments In Large Undergraduate Classes, Reducing Turnaround Time And Increasing Feedback Quality
  • Student Predictive Analytics: How The University Of Waterloo Adopted Predictive Analytics To Identify Students At Risk Of Underperforming, Enabling Timely Intervention
  • Debate Session: Will The Use Of AI In Education Lead To The Deskilling And Relevance Of Teachers?
  • Immersive Learning Using Augmented And Virtual Reality: How Queen’s University Developed A Virtual Reality Lab For Medical Students, Using AI To Simulate Patient Interactions For Clinical Training
  • Gamification With AI: How York University's Gamification Project Adapts To Student Learning Speeds And Styles In Real-Time, Increasing Engagement And Motivation
  • AI In Plagiarism Detection: How The University Of Alberta Used Next-Generation AI Plagiarism Detection Tools To Uphold Academic Integrity In Digital Submission Environments
  • Panel Address: Will AI-Based Grading Eventually Become More Accurate And Fair Than Traditional Grading Methods?
  • Site Tour 1: University Of Toronto, Faculty Of Education And AI Research Facilities
  • Site Tour 2: York University, AI@YorkU

Download Brochure

You can download our conference brochure below. If you have any inquiries on this conference, please contact our Program Advisor at [email protected] or call us at:

Singapore and Asia Pacific: +65 6716 9980
Australia and New Zealand: +61 3 9909 7310
UK, Europe and Middle East: +44 (020) 335 57898
USA: +1 888 745 8875

25 November 2024: Champagne Networking Session

We would like to invite you to the champagne networking session at the end of the first day of our conference. During this event, you will have the opportunity to network with a wide range of industry leaders and business partners, as well as broaden your business networks.

This powerful networking session will give you access to key influencers and our partners in the industry who have a wealth of experience and knowledge through the sessions they deliver at the main conference.

27 November 2024: Site Tour to University of Toronto, Faculty of Education and AI Research Facilities

Immerse yourself in the forefront of AI and education at the prestigious University of Toronto, where cutting-edge research and innovative applications converge to shape the future of learning. As a global leader in AI and education, the University of Toronto's groundbreaking work perfectly aligns with the summit's mission to revolutionize education through artificial intelligence. During this exclusive site tour, participants will have the rare opportunity to explore the university's state-of-the-art AI research facilities and witness firsthand how these revolutionary technologies are being developed and implemented. Discover the latest breakthroughs in AI-driven tools, technologies, and learning platforms that are transforming the educational landscape by creating personalized learning paths tailored to each student's unique needs and abilities.

27 November 2024: Site Tour to York University, AI@YorkU

Experience the cutting-edge of AI in education at York University's renowned AI@YorkU. During this exclusive site visit, delegates will have the unique opportunity to witness firsthand how AI is revolutionizing the learning experience, making it more engaging, adaptive, and effective than ever before. Step into York's state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories, where groundbreaking work is taking place at the intersection of education and technology. Discover how AI@YorkU is developing personalized learning tools that adapt to each student's unique learning style, ensuring that every individual receives the support and guidance they need to excel. Explore the university's innovative projects, such as intelligent tutoring systems, AI-powered assessment tools, and immersive educational experiences that bring learning to life.