Fully Accredited Program Canada Law on Employment Termination, Dismissal and Layoff

Canada’s employment dismissal and retrenchment laws are complex. There is no single termination law that applies to all employees in Canada. Laws vary by province, by federally vs provincially regulated employers, by unionized vs non-unionized workers, etc. This complex web of different regulations by province and territories makes compliance difficult for HR leaders.

This certified program will equip you with an in-depth legal knowledge and statutory provisions you need to be aware of when dealing with employment termination, dismissal, and layoff. You will gain a thorough understanding of critical topics, including major legislation factors such as statutory considerations in dismissal without cause, assessing notice and severance entitlements, dismissal for cause and other human rights considerations. This program will also highlight the different provincial/territorial distinct standards for employment termination laws, focusing on their differences and helping you understand the interplay between federal and provincial/territorial termination and dismissal laws.

Throughout the program, you will be equipped with real-life case studies and examples on how to develop and implement employment termination policies and procedures that are aligned with respective laws and regulations, considering factors such as disability, family status, or religious practices. You will also learn effective strategies for investigating misconduct, identify and mitigate risks involved, and addressing issues arising from employment litigations and disputes as well as effective dispute resolution mechanisms.

Upon successful completion of the program, you will earn a Certification in Canada HR Employment Law. This certification holds lifelong validity and not only enhances your professional credentials but also demonstrates your expertise in managing employment dismissal, termination and layoff in comply with Canada’s employment law. It also represents your commitment to upholding the highest standards of legal compliance and ethical HR management.

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This program will entitle you:

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  • Experience 2 days of instructor-led live program and in-depth learning in managing employee dismissal & termination and appropriate layoff process in Canada.
  • Attain the industry-recognized Certification in Canada HR Employment Law to demonstrate your expertise in navigating Canada’s employment law that governs the termination policies, dismissal process and layoffs complications.
  • This certificate will demonstrate your expertise in developing stringent HR policies and robust compliance frameworks at your organization to ensure legal adherence, mitigate risks, and promote a fair and compliant workplace environment.
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This program is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Professional Certifications, which maintains the governing standards for all professionals who have completed this program.

The content of this program has been fully certified and accredited by CPD Certification Service as conforming to Continuing Professional Principles. CPD is the leading independent CPD accreditation institution operating across industry sectors to complement the Continuing Professional Development policies of professional institutes and academic bodies. The CPD Certification Service provides support, advice and recognized independent CPD accreditation compatible with global CPD principles.

What Can You Expect From This Live Program

Canada's employment termination, dismissal, and layoff laws are complex as they vary significantly between provinces and territories, and federal jurisdiction, complicating compliance for businesses operating in multiple regions. Termination provisions vary by province; for example, a five-year employee in Ontario receives approximately 9.6 weeks of severance, while in Alberta, only five weeks. Navigating these laws meticulously is crucial to avoid costly litigation and ensure compliance.

This certified program is designed to provide you with comprehensive insights into the complex and evolving landscape of Canada's laws on employment termination, dismissal, and layoff. You will gain in-depth knowledge of the legal framework governing these areas, including statutory considerations, common law principles, and contractual obligations. You will delve into various critical topics including different types of dismissal, with a focus on the pros and cons of each option, dismissal without cause, and contract implications to dispel common myths and misconceptions. You will gain an in-depth understanding of assessing notice and severance entitlements, highlighting the intersection of legislation, common law, and contractual obligations.

Furthermore, you will learn how to quantify post-termination entitlements, with an emphasis on understanding and controlling severance costs in light of recent court trends. The program will cover dismissal for cause, providing insights on how to position your organization legally compliant and strengthen the company’s stance. You will explore constructive dismissal to clarify what constitutes it and how to avoid related claims. Human rights considerations will be discussed to understand the limits on dismissing employees without cause and the duty to accommodate in performance-related dismissals. You will be equipped with robust strategies to reduce labour and severance costs by leverage the law and the use of contracts and policies to protect your organization effectively. By the end, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of Canada's employment termination laws, equipped with the knowledge to ensure compliance, manage risks, and foster fair employment practices within your organization. 

Upon successful completion of the program, you will earn a Certification in Canada HR Employment Law. This certification holds lifelong validity and not only enhances your professional credentials but also demonstrates your expertise in navigating the intricacies of Canada’s employment termination law ensuring compliance.

Key Skills You Will Gain

  • Canada Employment Law
  • Canada Labour Code
  • Wrongful Dismissal Management
  • Termination Management
  • Layoff Legislations
  • Provincial Employment Legislation
  • Constructive Dismissal
  • Dismissal Grounds Identification
  • Non-Discrimination Dismissal
  • Termination Notice Requirements
  • Employment Contracts
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Legal Risk Mitigation
  • Employment Dispute Resolution
  • Termination Policy Development
  • Severance Pay Employment Litigation
  • Human Rights Advocacy
  • Common Law and Statutory Rights
  • Non-Solicitation Clauses
  • Compliance and Risk Management
  • Employment Law Litigation
  • Workplace Investigations
  • Disciplinary Investigation

Your Faculty Director

Stuart Rudner
Stuart Rudner
Most Sought-After Award Winning Employment Law Expert

Stuart Rudner is a distinguished lawyer known for his balanced representation of both employers and employees. With extensive expertise in alternative dispute resolution and employment mediation, Stuart offers strategic, impartial legal advice to navigate workplace law complexities. His accolades include being named in "The Best Lawyers in Canada" for Employment Law for nine consecutive years and recognized as one of Canada’s top Legal Social Media Influencers. Under Stuart's leadership, Rudner Law has earned significant awards, including the Gold Winner for Best Labour & Employment Boutique Law Firm in the 2023 Canadian HR Awards and consistent recognition in the Canadian HR Reporter's Readers' Choice Awards.

Early in his career, Stuart represented the Human Resources Professionals Association in the landmark Supreme Court case, Keays v. Honda Canada, showcasing his advocacy skills. Stuart also pioneered educational initiatives as the founding Program Director of Osgoode Professional Development’s HR Law courses and authored "You’re Fired! Just Cause for Dismissal in Canada." He holds influential positions in the Canadian and Ontario Bar Associations. Stuart’s commitment to excellence and fairness establishes him as a trusted advisor and prominent figure in employment law.

Canada Law on Employment Termination, Dismissal and Layoff Program Agenda

Module 1 - Fundamentals of Termination Law
Module 2 - Dismissal Without Cause
Module 3 - Assessing Notice and Severance Entitlements
Module 4 - Quantifying Post-Termination Entitlements
Module 5 - Dismissal for Cause
Module 6 - Investigating Misconduct
Module 7 - Constructive Dismissal
Module 8 - Human Rights Considerations
Module 9 - Managing Termination and Costs
Module 10 - Legal Action Post-Termination

How You Will Benefit

  • Understand the Types of Dismissal: Gain insights into termination laws at provincial and territorial levels, including employment standards legislation, notice, and severance regulations, to evaluate the options and their implications.
  • Navigate Dismissal Without Cause: Master statutory considerations, common law principles, and contractual obligations to dispel myths and understand the legalities of dismissals without cause.
  • Assess Notice and Severance Entitlements: Learn the legislative requirements, common law principles, and contractual obligations that govern notice periods and severance entitlements to ensure compliance.
  • Quantify Post-Termination Entitlements: Develop the ability to calculate severance costs, including variable pay during notice periods, within legal frameworks to manage expenditures effectively.
  • Handle Dismissal for Cause: Understand the grounds for dismissal under labor laws, legal standards, and statutory requirements to position your organization strongly for compliant terminations.
  • Investigate Misconduct Effectively: Conduct thorough, objective investigations that minimize risk and comply with legislative guidelines, strengthening the company’s legal position.
  • Comprehend Constructive Dismissal: Learn to identify and avoid constructive dismissal claims, ensuring legal compliance and the right to impose temporary layoffs when necessary.
  • Address Human Rights Considerations: Explore the limits of dismissal without cause under human rights legislation, understand the duty to accommodate, and navigate performance-related dismissals within legal constraints.

Certification in Canada HR Employment Law

Upon successful completion of this program, you will be awarded the prestigious Certification in Canada HR Employment Law which can be used in your resume, CV, and other professional credentials. With lifelong validity and global recognition, this designation will set you apart from your peers, demonstrating your expertise in managing employee dismissal & termination and appropriate layoff process. This program is developed by Chartered Institute of Professional Certifications and the content of this program has been certified by CPD Certification Service as conforming to continuing professional principles.

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Canada Law on Employment Termination, Dismissal and Layoff

4.6 (936 ratings)