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About This Conference

The Net Zero Supply Chain Conference: Decarbonization and Sustainable Strategies for Transportation, Logistics and Procurement, scheduled for 14 - 16 October 2024 in London, United Kingdom, is a pivotal gathering designed to address the urgent need for sustainability in global supply chains. This three-day event is an essential platform for professionals who are committed to driving change and implementing eco-friendly practices in transportation and logistics.

Attendees will have the extraordinary opportunity to engage with industry pioneers, delve into pioneering strategies for decarbonisation, and participate in enriching dialogues on the most critical sustainability challenges and opportunities facing the transportation and logistics sectors. Covering a broad spectrum, from green logistics to sustainable sourcing, and from carbon footprint reduction to circular economy strategies, this conference is a comprehensive exploration of how the transportation and logistics sector can contribute to a sustainable future.

This conference is a must-attend for those ready to play a significant role in shaping a more sustainable world. It's an opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals, gain insights from frontline experiences, and contribute to critical discussions shaping the future of environmentally conscious transportation and logistics.

Join us at the Net Zero Supply Chain Conference in London, where the focus will be on actionable solutions, collaborative strategies, and inspirational leadership in the journey towards a sustainable, net-zero future. Prepare to be inspired, engaged, and empowered to be at the forefront of this pivotal movement in transportation and logistics.


Global Thought Leaders & Speakers

Omera Khan

Head of Supply Chain Insights and Trends Lab

A.P. Moller - Maersk

Matt Denham

Commercial Director

Transport for London

Elaine Kerr


DPDgroup UK

Fraser Hill

General Manager Digital & Process Transformation, Shell Supply Chains


Leonardo Marins

Head of Logistics Americas and Europe


Michael Khasin

Head of EU Grocery Supply Chain


Rob Owst

Head of Home Delivery


Janet Smith

Head of Sustainability

Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust

Sandrine Ricard

Deputy Director Sustainability & Responsibility

Chivas Brothers, Pernod Ricard

Dan Withers

Head of Supplier Relationship Management


Ruchir Sethi

Sr Operations Manager, Transport (UK & EU)


Kristin Hughes

Global Head of Sustainability (Advocacy & Strategy)


Füsun Skelding

Head of Logistics Category EMEA


Richard Broekman

Chief Commercial Officer & Head of Sustainability

Atlas Air

Adrien Rens

Senior Operations & Supply Chain Director


Natasha Brown

Group Procurement Director

Harland & Wolff

Dr. Liz Wilks

Head of Sustainability & Public Affairs Europe

Asia Pulp & Paper

Andrew Bryers

Head of Sustainability


Jeff Screeton

Executive Chairman

InterCity RailFreight

Tim Crighton

Head of Logistics & Industrial EMEA

Cushman & Wakefield

Brody Isaac

Head of Sustainability

McLaren Construction Group

Seb Robert



Gary Lake

Supply Chain and Procurement Director

The Collective UK

Rich Pleeth



Edward Jones

Head of Environment Policy

Logistics UK

6 Powerful Reasons To Join Us This October

  • Gain strategic insights from leading experts and innovators on cutting-edge net zero strategies across supply chain, transportation, logistics, and procurement.
  • Advance your organization's sustainability through interactive presentations unveiling the latest technologies for embedding measurable progress in decision-making.
  • Leverage exclusive case studies of industry leaders charting practical pathways to supply chain decarbonization, along with their invaluable lessons learned.
  • Receive trusted counsel through benchmarking workshops to accentuate strengths, spotlight critical gaps, and map high-impact next steps in your net zero journey.
  • Explore emerging supply chain visibility innovations for tracing, measuring and managing emissions, assessing integration and scaling potential.
  • Witness cutting edge product demonstrations and define pilots of technologies enabling the next horizon of progress for net zero supply chains.

Major Conference Themes

How Companies Are Exploiting The Full Potential Of Advanced Analytics For Optimizing Supply Chain Efficiency And Slashing Emissions

Harnessing The Power Of AI To Radically Optimize Routes, Minimize Fuel Consumption, And Reduce Emissions

How Does Zero Waste Logistics In Product Delivery, Routing, Loading And Transportation Cuts Resource Use

Leveraging Advanced Tracking And Reporting System To Monitor And Reduce The Carbon Footprint Of Supply Chain Operations

How Blockchain Provides Transparency Into Sustainable Sourcing, Ingredients, Transportation, Etc

How Companies Are Utilizing Logistics Analytics To Enhance Supply Chain Efficiency And Reduce Waste

Leading Sustainable And Environmentally Responsible Logistics Practics With Enhanced Renewable Energy Sources Integration In Logistics

How Companies Are Rigorously Selecting Suppliers Based On Stringent Low Carbon Criteria And Eco-Friendly Practices

How Eliminating Waste Throughout Supply Chain Processes Reduces Resource Use And Landfill Contributions

How Companies Are Revolutionizing Facilities With State-Of-The-Art Green Warehousing

How Collaborative Distribution Helps Companies To Achieve Sustainability

How Companies Are Leveraging End-To-End Emissions Data Across Complex Supply Chains To Identify Decarbonization Opportunities

Transitioning Delivery And Logistics Fleets To Electric Vehicles To Reduce Emissions And Operating Costs

Embracing Circular Economy Principles For Substantial Waste Reduction And Material Reuse

Investing In Low Carbon Biojet Fuels And Synthetic Fuels To Reduce The Climate Impact Of Air Transportation

Using AI To Optimize Delivery Routes, Reducing Fuel Consumption And Emissions

Conference At A Glance

  • Advanced Data Analytics To Improve Sustainability And Decarbonize Emissions
  • How Does Zero Waste Logistics In Product Delivery, Routing, Loading And Transportation Cuts Resource Use
  • How Advanced Tracking And Reporting System Can Monitor And Reduce The Carbon Footprint Of Supply Chain Operations
  • Carbon Offsetting Strategies VS Direct Emission Reductions For More Effective Decarbonization Approach
  • How Companies Are Revolutionizing Facilities With State-Of-The-Art Green Warehousing
  • How Collaborative Distribution Helps Companies To Achieve Sustainability
  • How Companies Are Leveraging End-To-End Emissions Data Across Complex Supply Chains To Identify Decarbonization Opportunities
  • Leveraging AI For Route Optimization And Reduce Emissions  And Fuel Consumption
  • Site Tour 1: DHL East London Facility
  • Site Tour 2: DPD Docklands

Download Brochure

You can download our conference brochure below. If you have any inquiries on this conference, please contact our Program Advisor at [email protected] or call us at:

Singapore and Asia Pacific: +65 6716 9980
Australia and New Zealand: +61 3 9909 7310
UK, Europe and Middle East: +44 (020) 335 57898
USA: +1 888 745 8875

14 October 2024: Champagne Networking

We would like to invite you to the champagne networking session at the end of the first day of our conference. During this event, you will have the opportunity to network with a wide range of industry leaders and business partners, as well as broaden your business networks.

This powerful networking session will give you access to key influencers and our partners in the industry who have a wealth of experience and knowledge through the sessions they deliver at the main conference.

16 October 2024: Site Tour to DHL East London Facility

The DHL East London Facility stands as a beacon of innovation in sustainable supply chain and logistics management. This state-of-the-art facility harnesses renewable energy to meet its power needs and incorporates advanced automation technologies to optimize energy consumption. These strategic implementations enable the creation of a sustainable, smart, and agile logistics network. A tour of the facility offers insights into its leading-edge green warehouse management program, showcasing efforts to mitigate environmental impact through sophisticated automation and logistics enhancements. Overall, the DHL East London Facility exemplifies DHL’s dedication to employing innovative solutions to foster ecologically responsible practices in last mile delivery and broader supply chain operations.

16 October 2024: Site Tour to DPD Docklands

DPD Docklands represents a pioneering advancement in sustainable logistics, operating entirely diesel-free with a fleet of 500 electric delivery vans and all heavy goods vehicles powered by HVO. During your tour of this hybrid sortation and distribution facility, you will experience how the facility harnesses solar energy to power its electric vehicles and utilizes HVO to support its fleet of LGVs. The facility is equipped with solar panels that generate up to 1 million kWh annually, significantly contributing to the building's energy needs. Additionally, you will observe the facility's state-of-the-art conveyor system, designed to automatically sort all intra-London parcels for next-day delivery. This system not only streamlines operations but also reduces energy consumption, reinforcing DPD's commitment to energy efficiency and sustainable practices in logistics.